Architekten Wannenmacher & Möller GmbH


Building Design

Designing buildings is the core of our services. Apart from developing design concepts we also provide all documents required to obtain the necessary building permits. We generate detailed design solutions integrating urban, architectural, functional, technical, physical, ecological and economical issues. Furthermore we set up building specifications, assist the client in obtaining competitive bids and negotiated prizes and administrate the building process.

Project Management

Due to the increasing complexity of the planning process the client is less and less capable of coordinating, directing and controlling its technical, judicial, economical and time related issues. With our project management services we are offering professional support.

These services encompass assisting the client in setting up the project team as well as coordinating and controlling all individuals involved in the planning process. We set up and monitor organization charts, time and payment schedules, update planning goals, continuously inform the client about the project development and help to obtain decisions from the client.

Energy Management

Due to a rapid increase of energy costs as well as the emerging results of the climate change, the reduction of energy consumption is an obligation architects cannot ignore especially as buildings have the highest potentials in energy saving and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

The concepts that we are generating are based on a holistic integration of building constructions and technical building systems and combine the saving and production of energy. Saving energy by using more efficient systems and reducing transmission losses. Producing regenerative energy by utilizing photovoltaic, solar thermal and geothermal technologies. In this context we also assess innovative technical systems that do not just isolate the building from the environmental input. To guarantee living comfort the buildings engage in an exchange with the environment by exploiting the given climate by means of their skin.

Ultimately we see our task in combining climatic and aesthetic goals in the design process in order to satisfy the sensual needs while creating energy efficient buildings.