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Conversion of the former Telekom tower into a residential property – Bielefeld

This project involves the transformation of the second-tallest building in the city which was completed in 1974 and has been vacant for several years now. It is located next to the ‘Kesselbrink’, a large inner-city square. Expectations for this newly designed square have not been fulfilled and the hoped revitalisation has not happened. It is therefore proposed to convert the so called Telekom Tower into a residential building in order to establish people in the area who will use and invigorate the neighbouring urban spaces.

The design follows an additive concept, in which the building façade is removed and replaced with room-height glass elements. Then pre-fabricated modules in different widths will be added to the existing supporting structure. They can be used as conservatories, recessed balconies or gardens that are integrated into the living areas and that contribute to a noticeable extension of the living areas. The first floor accommodates a restaurant and is connected to the neighbouring car park, where the tenant parking spaces are located. The roof level will be used as a garden and terrace for the large apartment situated on the former antenna superstructures.

Besides the provision of affordable living space, the concept also promotes meaningful handling of existing and unused building structures. Transforming the building instead of demolishing it makes it possible to redirect the costs for the removal of a building in a much more sensible way to retain it and improve it sustainably.

Situation before modification
Situation after modification
Urban Structure
Existing Situation
Removing the Facade 
Attaching Prefabricated Elements
Design Proposal
Ground Floor – Entrance Foyer
1. Floor - Restaurant
4 - 17. Floor – Apartmens T1
4 - 17. Floor – Apartmens T2