Architekten Wannenmacher & Möller GmbH

Fire and Rescue Station at Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock. Architectural Competition 2008, Honorable Mention

The solitaire for the Fire and Rescue Station divides the site into two halves. The side that faces away from the residential developments houses staff cars and the practice courtyard while the other side is reserved only for fire engines. The aim of this separation is to prevent one side from impeding the other and allow for a smooth flow of traffic on the site, particularly during deployment.

The arrangement of the functions within the building is designed with the aim of creating short routes and smooth processes in the event of deployment. Access to both usage areas is located in the immediate vicinity of the car parking spaces. The entrance to the fire brigade equipment store is at the eastern end of the building and the entrance to the rescue station is at the western end. From the foyer of the equipment store the crews have only a short distance to the changing rooms and then to the vehicles. The control station is also only a side corridor away from the foyer.

The architectural design of the building aims to project the two storeys to the outside and thus undertake a horizontal division of the structure. This is achieved through the use of different materials: exposed concrete on the ground floor, larch wood on the upper level. Surrounding glass panels ensure good light inside the rooms.