Architekten Wannenmacher & Möller GmbH

Expansion and Restructuring of Wortmann Ltd. Partnership Headquarter, Detmold. Project 2008

The headquarters of this Detmold Company, which belongs to one of Europe’s largest shoe producers, had reached its spatial limit on the grounds of its continual growth. It therefore decided to expand and restructure the conglomeration of buildings. While individual neighbouring halls could be removed the administration building, which was constructed in the 1980s, needed to stay. It was, however, possible to alter its architecture.

The design has a comb-like building structure, whereby three wings parallel to the old administration building are joined via a connecting wing running along the neighbouring state road. At the other end the cross structures join onto the existing industrial hall that houses the sample workshop, which has a close functional relationship with the showroom that is located in the administration building.

From the main entrance, located in the old administration building, a central axis connects the new group of buildings. This axis was conceived as a three-level path within the building that promotes communication and along which all the functions on the ground floor that generate a large volume of traffic are arranged, i.e. the canteen, the lecture room and the showrooms. The office spaces that require more privacy are located on the upper floors. A total of four courtyards ensure light interiors and enable many different sight lines.