Architekten Wannenmacher & Möller GmbH

Residential and business property Ritterstrasse– Bielefeld 2016

This lot in the midst of a 1980s inner-city block development which is covered with a car park from the 1960s has been negatively affecting the urban fabric of its neighbourhood for many years. This is due to the recessed position of the building but also caused by its size and lacking architectural quality.

The design proposes a slender building in front of the car. It continues the alignment and the height of the neighbouring houses in the west and extends these until approximately half way along the lot. Access to the car park remains free. The existing structure will be given a new façade in order to further upgrade the site.

While the ground floor will be occupied by a shop, the upper floors will be dedicated to residential use. To reduce construction costs a module has been developed that can be multiplied horizontally and vertically. The module was modified slightly for the apartment on the top floor. The stacked modules can be connected with one another by internal stairways when necessary, doubling the living area. This makes the building flexible and allows the formation of a heterogeneous tenant structure, from a single person to a family of four.

Situation before modification
Situation after modification
Urban Structure
Existing Situation
Groung Floor / Roof Garden
Design Proposal
Commercial - Apartments
Apartment organization 01
Apartment organization 02
Apartment organization 03
Ground Floor – Commercial Use
1. Floor – One Storey Apartment
2. Floor Maisonnette
3. Floor Maisonnette